LEGO Competition 2008

Feburary 15th 2008

Result of the LEGO Competition

GroupFirst RoundSecond RoundExta PointsTotalImage

The rest of the images can be found here: (zip) and here

The Competition Description

The extra points were for best mechanical design for group 633 and most smooth line following for group 632. NEW: We have found out that several groups uses a PID controller for following the line. Since this is very relevant for the semester, we have decided that there will be extra points awarded for the robot, which is able to follow the black tape most smoothly. The evaluation of this is solely up to the subjective assessment of the judges.

Welcome to the 2008 version of the annual LEGO Competition at the Section of Automation and Control, where 6th semester students will construct and program autonomous LEGO robots. The robots will fight for fame and glory of their builders on a course with obstacles and challenges. Below are images of previous price winning robots.

The LEGO Competition starts Monday, February 4th, at which point each team is given a LEGO NXT box. The robots will compete against each other at Friday February 15th at 15.00, in C2-209, Frederik Bajers Vej 7. The new LEGO NXT box sets have a limited amount of building blocks. Therefore it will be possible get additinoal building blocks from older LEGO Mindstorm boxes. However, it is strictly prohibited to use extra sensors or actuators than those provided in the LEGO NXT box. NEW: The additional boxes are now placed in "Komponenten" at one of the first tables when you come in.

The competition consists of a number of tasks that shall be carried out. Points are given for each completed task. The competition is comprised of two heats; the first heat you will receive points for the completed tasks as described below. After this, you will have half an hour to tinker with and improve the performance of the robot. At the second heat your gained points will be doubled. So tinker well. The final score is sum of the points in the two rounds. Should several robots obtain the same amount of points, the score in the second heat will be determining. Should this also be equal, a third heat will decide the battle.

When all teams have had their two heats the judges will decide which robot receives the much sought after "Best Design Award" afterwich a winner of the competition can be determined and awarded a crate of beer.

The Competition Course

The course will be marked with black tape all the way around. It is possible to complete the course by following the black tape all the way. On the way it is possible to gain extra points by solving different tasks or challenges described below. It should be noted that the order, in which the challenges are completed, does not matter. This does however not apply to the two last tasks, which must be last and in that order.

Below is a sketch of the course and a ball pedestal on wich balls will be placed. All measures on the sketches are in cm.


  1. Small Gates: As marked on the course sketch there will be several small gates. Points will be given for each gate, which is passed. The gate poles will be two AA-batteries at a distance of 30 cm. If the robot knocks over a pole, the same amount of minus points will be awarded for that gate.

  2. Large Gate: The first challenge is to open and pass through the large gate (you can also run straight through it, but there is not much glory of points in that - the height is 5 cm.). The gate will be opened (and remains open) when the "gate opener" is pressed. Height of the gate opener is 1-4 cm at least, and the width is at least 4cm

  3. 8 challenge: The second challenge is to navigate out to "the 8 challenge", and follow the tape at least 50 cm (extra points is of cause given passing the gates.)

  4. Kreyszig, 8th ed.: The book will be placed as shown at the figure. If the robot is completely at the top of the book, points will be awarded for this challenge.

  5. Follow the Wall: If the robot follows the wall through both the gates, points will be collected here.

  6. Race Track: The race track is marked with white tape. Points will be given for completing a round on this track. But most points can be obtained for the fastest lap time on the track - the beginning and end of the track is marked by the crossing black tape.

  7. Ball Handling

    There will be placed two balls on two pedestals as shown on the sketch. The balls can be used for two different tasks. After fulfilling one of the tasks, it is legal to pick up a ball and use it for an other task.
  8. Pick Up a Ball: The first ball handling challange is to pick up a ball. Points are awarded for each ball picked up from the pedestals.

  9. Bowling: There are ten bowling skittles, each made from a 7,5 X 7,5 cm post-it note. Points are given for each skittle knocked over. The ball must be thrown from behind the black bowling line, otherwise no points will be given. It is legal to use both balls this exercise, however the exercise can not at the same time count as throwing a ball.

  10. Throw a Ball: An other ball handling challenge is to throw the ball as far as possible from the robot. Points are awarded for each ball thrown and for the length of the throw. (The length of the throw is measure from the robot to the point where the ball touches the ground the first time.) Since you can use both balls, it is possible to get points for both the longest and the second longset throw.

  11. Golf: A ball can be brought to the goal zone, and dropped into a dustbin. It must be dropped, and not rolled over the edge.

  12. Climbing the ramp: Points will be awarded if the robot climbs the whole ramp.

  13. Goal Zone: If the robot stops within the Goal zone, you will get points for completing the course.

  14. Play Tribute: If the robot plays a melody when it has stopped, you will also gain extra points.

Design Awards

  1. Best Mechanical Design: The robot judged to have the best mechanical design is given awarded points.

  2. Alternate Means of Locomotion: Every robot with a locomotive force other than wheels or tracks, e.g. biped or flying, will be awarded extra points.





Pass a gate


Open and pass the large gate


The 8 challenge


Kreyszig, 8th ed.


Follow the wall


Pick up a ball


Completing the race track


Slowest time on the race track


Second slowest time on the race track




Throw a ball


Shortest throw


Second shortest throw




For each skittle knocked over in bowling


Climbing the ramp


Putt the golf ball


Stop at the goal zone


Play tribute


Most smooth line following


Best Mechanical Design


Alternate Means of Locomotion

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Contact Information

For questions regarding the LEGO Competition please contact Mads S. Svendsen or Mikael Svenstrup, Bajers Vej 7C, room C3-202.